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What is SimCMS?
SimCMS is a professional content management system used to primarily create web based content such as homepages, blogs, social networks, forum based communities, gallery pages, e-shops/e-commerce, etc... The tool also has the ability to incorporate or create gaming features or full games such as Role Playing Games(RPG's), Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel Games, MUD Style quest games, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games(MMORPG).

(You can find screenshots below and a game already using the software)
Who can use this software? Do I need to be a programmer or have extensive computer Knowledge?
Anyone can use this software to create amazing web pages, communities or games. No programming knowledge is necessary to create a full and powerful web page or a complete game. However, if you wish to extend the software or make it more powerful than it is intended to be, some knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript would THEN be necessary.
Very minor knowledge of computers are necessary. In fact, a tutorial will easily help you to get the software installed. Once installed, it is a very self-explanatory and intuitive system to use. But don't worry! You will still have guides, manuals and both video and written tutorials to help you get through.
What are the hardware or software requirements?
Requirements will vary depending on the amount of users you anticipate to view your website or play your game and we are more than happy to help guide you through the process of getting you set up with a host. You will either need a server set up in your home or office or an internet hosting service that supports a minimum version of PHP4 and MySQL 5. Most shared hosting services meet these requirements, are very inexpensive and can cost between $1 and $10 a month.
At the moment, if you expect anywhere between 1 and 500 users daily, you can get by with a shared hosting service online such as www.hostdepartment.com, www.hostgator.com, www.netfirms.com, www.bluehost.com, etc. We strongly recommend Host Department as they currently allow unlimited MySQL connections and are very inexpensive at $7.95 per month for hosting. If you anticipate well over 500 users registering and logging into your site daily, we recommend subscribing to a virtual private server(VPS) host or a dedicated server host.
When will it be released?
We anticipate an early access release of the tool to be released on June 10th, 2020. Many features will be available for the software at that point and full websites and games can be made. However, as an early access release, there will be bugs to squash as well as further development of the software to make it more complete. After the early access release on June 10th, we anticipate a pre-release of the software on September 1st, 2020. A final version 1.0 stable release is expected to be available before January 2021.

Please be aware that these dates are tentative. There is potential for the release dates to be sooner than anticipated or even a week or two later than anticipated.
How much will it cost?
Preorders of the software will be $2.99 US Dollars with a suggested cost of $4.99. Preorders will receive all future updates and releases of the software prior to version 2.0.
Once the early access of the software is released, the price will be raised to $5.99 with suggested cost of $7.99.
Version 1.0 Final will cost $14.99 to purchase.
Why should we preorder and why pay for the suggested price?
Preordering the software will guarantee unlimited and permanent ownership of the software and future updates prior to version 2.0 at a significantly lower cost than the final release. The more users preorder our software, the more enthusiasm I will have to further enhance the software beyond what the projected goals are for 1.0.
The suggested price for the software is still lower than the final cost of the software, however, you will receive extra game points for our games to be released in 2021. These extra game points will allow you to purchase special items and abilities that would otherwise be impossible or very difficult to obtain.
Will we have to purchase 2.0 separately when it i released?
At this point in time we have not considered what will go into version 2.0 or if there will even be a version 2.0. The main goal is to create a system that is completely self-sufficient and feature-rich that wont require many upgrades other than to fix bugs, add small enhancements and keep up with the coding standards of the time. We also wish to allow the capability of user created add-ons for the system.
Whether we charge current users for version 2.0, if there should be one, is still not decided. We would like to think that it will remain a free upgrade as long as there wont be significant extra expenses for further developing the software. You will also always have the option to continue to donate to us which will hopefully sustain our expenses and enthusiasm.
What will be included with the early access release?
The early access release as well as any subsequent releases will include the software itself, a EULA, Video tutorials, PDF Tutorials and a user guide. Once you place your order, after the early access release, you may continue to receive updates weekly until the pre-release and the final release. All releases will have updated guides and tutorials.
What features are planned for the early access release?
The following features are planned for the early access release. Please note that this is not a full list, but a brief synopsis of features that are "planned" for the early access release. Most of these features are already implemented:

*Easy installation of software
*No programming necessary!
*Full fledged article system for creating pages and articles.
*A theme editor so you can change your color scheme or layout of the page.
*A fully functional and integrated forum system.
*Social networking features
*A live chat, Instant Messaging, Personal messaging system.
*Live view of all logged in users currently on your site.
*A blog/news system that can allow for comments and tags as well as RSS syndication
*A bug base system for tracking bugs and user requests
*Allowing users to login using Facebook, Google, etc..
*A Built-in FAQ editor that allows you to easily create and edit frequently asked questions.
*A guide/manual editor for anyone selling software, creating games or using the tool to make an post by board RPG.
*A Teams page so that you can display your team members and what their functions are
*Blocking IP Addresses and banning users
*Banner management so that you can display your own logo's as well as include banners and ad's to earn money
*SEO management and optimization along with sitemap generation
*Security system in place.
*A Link library so that users can find resources you post.
*A download and image manager for you to add uploads to your site as well as images to use in your content
*A system for logging users
*A user manager
*and more!

The forums will allow:

*Creating multiple forums, multiple sub boards, multiple categories and multiple sub-forums within the categories and sub-forums themselves.
*Up vote or down vote full threads or posts.
*Signatures and Avatars
*Smiley Faces and BBCode
*Quotes within a thread.
*Users can add attachments to their posts.
*Permission system for users, groups and forums so you can customize what can be done where and who can do what
*Word and Profanity censors.
*Source code syntax highlighting in quoted code
*Write drafts of your posts.
*Forums can have URL Redirects.
*Arching and Pruning
*Moderators and General Managers can be applied
*RPG, Faction/Guild and gaming tools are included such as assigning XP and rewards for posts, adding action details and GM's providing private feedback on a post per post basis.
*Download a thread as a PDF.
*Managing Member groups
*RSS feeds for public boards.
*Search public forums
*You can also subscribe to threads and forums
*and more!

Gaming features will include:

*Creating custom maps that span different multiverses, time era's, galactic systems and galaxies, planets, atmosphere, ground, underground, facilities/ships/vehicles/stations, etc.
*Visual Novel creation through a visual editor that supports variables, function binding and more. Visual novels or dialogues can be attached to NPC's, droids, creatures, rooms or entities for interaction.
*NPC creation and ownership.
*Droid creation and ownership
*Vehicle/Ship/Facility creation and map creator for them
*Travelling through a wide variety of maps.
*Simulated battles with other players, NPC's, Creatures and Droids.
*Customizable skill and leveling system
*A basic exchange system to purchase items
*Game currency

Many more features are anticipated between now and version 1.0 final as well.
How is the software developed?
It is developed using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, XML and takes advantage of JQuery and AJAX.
What are the license restrictions?
There are no restrictions on how many sites or games you develop using the software as long as you, the purchaser, are the developer of the site and pay the hosting charges. There is no limit to how much you can charge for users to access your site or play your games. There are also no external licenses or software that require external duties to be paid as we try to develop all code from scratch and without the use of 3rd party software. This is not 100% of the case and therefore a worst case scenario is that you will need to include an acknowledgement in the EULA or terms and conditions or even the credits page. You are not allowed to alter the core code of the software nor are you allowed to redistribute, sell, give away or make the software available for download for free or commercially. You may not transfer your ownership of your license of the software. The content of your website/game may require you to obtain permission or licensing from said owners of your content.
Is anyone making use of the software currently?
You can check out a glimpse of a very early prototype in use at http://www.sw-bfs.com. The administrator there has been using the software for many years and is allowing is to showcase the graphics used on that website.
Any screenshots?
These are all taken from sw-bfs.com:

When can we preorder and where can we ask questions or make suggestions?
Preorders are available now. Please use the community/forum discussions below for any questions, concerns, comments or requests.